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Cleaning Service

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
Deer – Skinning Fee – $15.00, Cape Fee – $20.00
Hog – Skinning Fee – $20.00 up to 150 lb over 150 lb $30.00


Peach Orchard Deer Processing offers a complete indoor cleaning facility. We offer scales and have multiple individual cleaning stations, with the use of cleaning tools to include saws, shears, and hoists. We even have a rail system for moving your meat from the cleaning station to the cooler.

Self Service – Peach Orchard Deer Processing offers 24 hour self service during the season.

Drop off Service – Peach Orchard Deer Processing also offers 24 hour drop off service. Drop off your game and complete a processing tag by providing your personal contact information along with your processing selections. Attach your completed processing tag to your game and leave the game and attached tag in the cleaning area. The cleaning area is checked regularly.

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