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Peach Orchard Deer Processing was started in 2001 as an idea to make a little extra income. I really didn’t have the money to start a big operation. In fact, I had to scrounge to find material and built a building from scratch. It took a couple of years and it was small at first, but Ihave added on little by little.

I had no idea business would take off the way it did. My wife and I thought we would work a couple of nights a week but before we knew it, we were working until midnight, every night, just to keep up. After three years, I had to quit my job and hire additional help. We now have 12 employees.

We have been blessed and are very happy with our business. Getting to know our customers has been the best experience ever. I have gotten to know more people than I ever thought I would in a lifetime. We enjoy listening to our customer’s hunting stories and no matter how hectic it gets, we always make time for, and enjoy hearing their stories.

Background and Credentials:

I started my career in the meat business right out of high school. I was working at a local grocery store as a bagger and graduated to the Meat Market. I completed a two-year apprenticeship and became a full-fledge Meat Cutter. I continued my education and was promoted to Meat Manager. I worked as a Meat Manager throughout the state. I enrolled in a Serv Safe certification class and am now Serv Safe certified. I worked as a Meat Supervisor in three states before I became a full-time processor.

After a few years I decided to get my plant certified with the USDA inspection process. We are now are fully entitled to process hogs, cows and other animals as well. The USDA inspects my plant on a weekly basis and there has never been an issue. I welcome the USDA, as well as our customers to inspect the conditions of the plant. We take pride in our plant and our work.

We vacuum seal all of our products and we also use a special blend of seasoning in our sausage from mild to hot. We offer a variety of other flavors as well.
I had many customers asking about processing Alligator. Although a great challenge in the beginning, we have now mastered it, and can process your gator to your specifications. We even offer a “gator summer sausage” which is outstanding.

Other processors try to imitate Peach Orchard Deer Processing but do not have the credentials I do to process. Most are backyard processors who don’t have the experience or the knowledge to process meat the correct way. There actually is a “right” process to cutting meat to ensure quality and freshness and customer satisfaction. I stand behind what I do and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

In the Future:

With the hopes of being more convenient to our long distance customers, we are trying to open a drop off point near Camden, SC. This will be a place to skin and hang your deer, or you may have it skinned and transported to the plant for processing.

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